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Just recently I have been faced with a problem during the camping trip in Cornwall. It has inspired me to write this post and suggest possible solutions – travel advice if you like!


When camping, you tend to have equipment such as mobile phones, cameras, smartwatch, possibly laptops, etc. How do you charge those when on the go for an extended period with a tent?

Possible solutions

These are the things we have done in Cornwall, camping in a tent for nine days with two mobiles, camera and smartwatch:

  1. Charge all the equipment before you leave for the adventure of your life! Crucial step!

  2. Portable Chargers and Power Banks – those little savers are perfect to power your gadgets at any time! Here, consider the size, the charging speed, weight. Check if the portable device is compatible with yours. It definitely will save you the stress! Plus you can leave it to charge overnight if the power bank is slow.

  3. Plugging your devices everytime you drive is an excellent alternative to the problem. If you travel by car, you have got the car’s USB port. The car chargers nowadays can be pretty fast in delivering results in the short period. If you were to buy one, it is worth checking the charge rate as it varies greatly.

  4. The third option is my favourite. Merely find a cafe with the sockets near the table and charge your devices while having a coffee break. Killing two birds with one stone!
    Try fast chargers! These could save you some valuable time exploring the surroundings instead of waiting for equipment to charge. Here, again, do the research, check manuals for the devices. If the standard charger that came with your gadgets is 1.5A, then 2.1A would surely speed things up!

  5. A brilliant way to keep your mobile devices running for longer is switching to the power saving mode. These days, devices are capable of optimising the battery life to last days.

  6. Your camera can benefit from multiple batteries! Swap them around and keep shooting the vistas! Saves you the hassle, takes up little to no space and could be with you at all times!

Other ways

  1. Portable solar power charging! It sounds incredibly eco-friendly. Imagine to sit outside or walk or cycle and the solar panels are next to you charging or attached to your backpack! Such a saver! This option, unfortunately , doesn’t come cheap but is handy if you get to travel often.


Camping with a tent should not stop you from having a great time instead of worrying about the batteries of your gadgets. Period.

If you have got some geat ideas for this problem, please share in the comments box below!

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