Photo Series from the Lantern Show #2

After crossing the park, we finally made our way to the pond. This part was quite lovely and secluded. Very good for the wildlife too. So, I guess this was the most magical part of the route. The water was frozen and catching the reflections of the LED lights. Darkness. Music.

First, when you enter the area, the zig-zag path would meet you with a bird or a giant flower. It looked and felt magical in the complete darkness! Later I wished to come back to the pond and have another stroll which no one minded.

When you get to the open area, you are greeted by a sexy lady! And swans were just what the pond was missing! Big gracious creatures, even if pretend ones, they felt real. I can’t describe how, but they did come alive at that moment!

At this point, we have spent about an hour in the park, and I could tell, my feet were getting numb from the cold…

To be continued…

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