Photo Series from the Lantern Show #1

Last winter we had the pleasure of having a Lantern Show nearby. I did not know what to expect, though I had some ideas in my head.

To see these nice lit-up objects you would have to purchase a ticket. It was not that cheap. Luckily, there was an offer on, and we managed to get in for just £18 (two adults and a kid).

There was something about winter last year, we never had that much snow, and naturally, it was colder than usual. And the place was attractive because they chose to display the show in Kings Heath Park. Of all the Birmingham! The park is like a 30 min walk from where we are! It was meant to be!

Getting all wrapped up and ready for a chill night, we drove to the park and knowing the area well enough, parked on the street avoiding the extra parking charge (a made up charge cause usually the car-park is free).

The entrance was adequately fit with snack areas and all the Christmas extravaganza. We passed by and witnessed the first object in the lantern world — a vast, colourful castle. It is here that I realised what the show is about. Just lit up air pumped objects. Still lovely, but I was a little disappointed because I was trying to find a door to go inside the castle… I was also expecting a light show, some action. However, it was a little different and quiet. No, I am lying, there was music, like Asian tunes which were nice!

Some of the displays had a different setting!

To be continued…