It is very pink but green!

Have you ever heard of the famous La Pedrera or Parc Güell or Casa Batlló? I am sure you have. But have you ever heard of the Grüne Zitadelle (Green Citadel) in Magdeburg, Germany? Surprisingly, the architectural design is very similar and offers an unforgettable experience for your mind and soul!

The story behind the visit begins as so:

“One lovely year, when my little one was still way too little to suffer the air pressure during the flight, we have decided to get into the car and drive from the UK all the way to Baltics.” – It is a long journey, I know… but – “We have done so before and having a baby with us in the car meant we drive while he sleeps and we do something fun when he is awake.

The journey was taking us via the A2 in Germany. That made me search for things to see nearby. And so I have discovered Magdeburg and its fantastic piece of architecture!”

Finding a place to park was very easy – you pay&display on the street close to the building. Although we did a bit of a boo-boo – we paid a fee on a day when it was free… never mind.

Ah, the Grüne Zitadelle! Where do I start?! So many corners, so many walls, so many windows and so many doors! Every angle gives you a new fascinating view to capture! It lifts up the area and adds a romantic charm! It also feels like every detail was neatly thought out. Even the nuisance such as the rubbish bins decorated in the same manner!

The building itself is relatively new. The bench in the courtyard indicates that the year of the foundation was 2004. It has been designed by the Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, who has died before the plans to build went ahead. It is a little sad he never got to see his creation.1

The walk around the building takes you to witness the art of a genius! Shops and private companies, as well as the hotel and the theater, have got entrances here. As lovely as the external walk, the courtyard is spectacular and a little better catered for tourists! Here you can get a guided tour of the citadel and learn more about the story of the building. Some lovely quirky shops with souvenirs and a nice place to have a meal! And a local artist selling art is sitting in the courtyard as well! It all makes you secluded and lets your imagination run wild!

Toilets are another original feature which you could tour (use) for a small fee! And look up, there are trees and green grass on the roof, which makes sense because it is called the Green Citadel! But I am not so sure why the colour of the building was chosen to be pink… although I like it.

We did not know about the guided tours and did not think we were suited enough not to be awkward with the crying baby. So an hour and a half have summed up our visit to this magical building! And I would highly recommend a visit to the Grüne Zitadelle if you are near the Magdeburg and wish to see something unusual!

© Rimicane

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