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Adventure Park is a relatively recent addition to the city’s active life as well as a great way to spend free time.


Situated south of the city Ventspils, Latvia, it is easily accessible via a public transport, narrow gauge railway or on foot. The activity spot is somewhat remote, and there are no other facilities such as shops and cafes in the vicinity.


The territory has previously been in possession of the Soviet army, which has left the area after the fall of the Soviet Union. Then in 20031 it began a journey of artificial transformation and opened up as a skiing hill in 20051, continuously expanding in height.

In 20061 an Adventure Park begun its course offering the BMX track, obstacle tree rope track and some other playgrounds. It was not until 20131 that Adventure Park took its present shape.

One could learn the journey of the park through the detailed story on the wall in the main building next to the cafe.


The park has the following activities in place:
* Tube sliding track

* Bumper boats

* Bumper cars

* Driving school for kids

* Trampoline boat (boat free fall)

  • Rodeo Bull
  • Skating rink

  • Mad rotor (free fall down the hill inside the inflatable ball)

  • Various Trampolines

* Inflatable attractions

* Kids Playhouse
* Playground

* Paintball

  • Cat’s track (tree ropes activity)

  • Wakepark (water ski activities)

  • BMX track


I am not a fan of such places, but even I found something to enjoy here.

We tend to get the packs where you seem to save money or, better, get more for less.

The rides are delightful, I particularly liked the tube sliding track, and a ticket would give you something like 30 min of fun.

The place is usually not busy, and you don’t get to queue for a ride. Always a bonus.

There are few negatives like cafe serves only fast food instead of excellent Latvian food. It reminds me of a Burger King experience just no burgers. And if by any chance you purchase a ticket before the weather gets bad, don’t expect your money back nor change of date. They will make you wait and ride the wet boats and cars.

Remember I mentioned Lemberga Hute?! Well, sure no skiing in winter but you could still climb for a spectacular view of the fur forest and Baltic sea. The never-ending stairs have benches and platforms to rest ever so often to make it easier to get to the top.

Once you are at the top, say hello to the deer of the mountain and get ready to take in the surroundings!

And at the back, there is a fun sprouting fountain which gets lit at dusk. Kids go crazy for it! If you don’t seem to make it to the beach, change into the bathing suit and go bunkers running through the maze of laminar flow water. Who would say no to that?! Especially since the water fun is all free!

Also, since the park is next to the forest, it is worth getting a map from the girls at the till and have a go at orienteering or just a pleasant forest walk. Of course, be vigilant as ticks are common in the area. Make sure to check yourselves and the clothes for unwanted guests.

Could you spend the whole day here? Easily! Get a picnic and your day would no doubt be a great adventure!


  • The Adventure Park is operating seasonally, switching to skiing season on Lemberga Hute mountain in winter or staying closed in between.

  • Park offers attractive packages which tend to give more for your money.

  • Lookout for events held at the adventure park which gather large masses of people!

  • One can go online and experience the 360 tours or the live Webcam. See the link below!

  • Onsite Cafe and Souvenirs

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